Master's Hand Longmont Homeschool enricment program

Master's Hand Longmont




Master’s Hand Longmont is a Christian-based PreK-12 homeschool enrichment program offering high-quality, affordable core and enrichment classes to homeschool families along Colorado’s Front Range. We have talented and loving teachers that are dedicated to integrating godly truth into their carefully selected curriculum and lesson plans. We strive to set personal examples of a godly life to our students and their family members. It is the goal of our staff to truly be an extension of the "Master's Hand" in the life of every student we teach.   

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- Master’s Hand has been the greatest blessing to our entire family. My children have thrived in their classes, learned new things from the loving guidance of their teachers, and gained lifelong friendships. Master’s Hand is so much more than an enrichment program for homeschool families, It's a treasure.

 - Jenny Ciepiel

-My kids LOVE Master’s Hand!

This is, in my opinion, the best option for a private, Bible-based enrichment program. The students are respectful, fun to be around and friendly. The talented teachers are caring, thoughtful and organized. I feel good about bringing my kids each week and when I pick them up, they are in a thankful, happy mood.

- Heather L.

- Our experience with Master's Hand over the last 8 years has been a blessing.  My two kids have made lifelong friends as they learned from group activities in a wonderful loving environment.  We started Master's Hand for Theater when my daughter was seven, Julie Magalong was recommended to us for my daughter who has an interest in acting.  Although both of my kids are still in Theater and love it, the other classes have grown them in ways I could not have seen back then.  Between PE growing them physically and mentally; science with dissections we would have never done at home; art classes developing skills I would never have been able to see; and all of this with an emphasis on God the Creator.   Every class they have been involved with has explained the subject of study in the context of a Godly World View enhancing their faith while expanding their curiosity in the God we serve.  


I would recommend Master's Hand to anyone looking to enhance their children's school experience.  I love homeschooling my kids and being with them most days, but having a chance to grocery shop, run errands or grade papers on their Master's Hand days had been a blessing for me as well.  

- Stacie Osmus